What we do

We'll build your tech team

We build tailored development teams packed with highly skilled and motivated developers for an unbeatable cost-quality ratio. We handpick and recruit developers who work directly for you using your own methods and tools. We take care of all admin, HR and related so you can focus on building great products with happy developers.

Hiring software developers remotely is the smart way to scale up your development resources
Who we are

We have personal experience of scaling up development teams

We are hands-on in the game and really understand what it takes to nurture great teams. Midealab was founded from our own need to recruit developers, and from our development hub in Lviv, Ukraine, we have access to Europe’s largest pool of software engineers. 

We have deep experience from both the Nordics and Ukraine and provide ongoing support on both practical and cultural matters to make the distance work! With our support, your remote team will feel like an integral part of your development team.

Why Midealab?

We will find you the right team, take superb care of them, and handle the details so you can focus on building great products

We'll find and recruit great developers

We handpick and recruit developers based on your exact requirements. 

We not only find competent developers, but colleagues who fit into your culture and become part of your organization.

We make it work for you and your team

We provide onboarding and continuous support to make the cooperation successful.

Whatever the need, our focus is making sure you and your team are happy and working productively.

A few of our customers

We’ve recruited 50+ developers for companies in the Nordics and Europe

We are also

Here's what you can expect


We can help you scale your development team quickly.


We provide skilled developers at a reasonable cost.

Hassle free

We make it easy for you with minimal bureaucracy.


Our Nordic culture and values keep you happy.


We understand that needs change and adapt quickly.


We come from a growth company background and understand your needs.

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Juho Oranen

Managing Partner
+358 50 309 9880

Nadiya Lisovska

Head of Studio
+380 67 795 3964

Niko Porkka

+358 40 568 0013

Henry Nilert

+358 45 137 0065

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