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Building winning teams

We founded Midealab in 2015 with the mission to build great tech teams for our own portfolio startups. With the experience of building multiple tech companies we’ve seen how hard recruiting great tech talent in Europe has become. We found the ideal solution in building a development studio in Ukraine, which hosts Europe’s largest developer pool. Today we are working with multiple startups providing them with dedicated developer teams to ensure the right tech talent is available for building winning companies.

Your team

We partner with startups and product teams to help them establish dedicated development teams to our studio in Ukraine

Since day one, we've built our studio in Ukraine to serve our own startups with recruiting and hiring talented developers. With a model that's been successful for our own startups, we partner with other startups and companies to support their growing development needs.

From own experience

Our long experience from building companies has shown us how difficult recruiting talented developers can be.

We’re here to make your life easier by providing developers as a service.

It has successfully worked for our own startups and for multiple other companies as well.

Your developers

We don't have a storage of developers - we always recruit and handpick based on your exact requirements.

We provide developers that want to work directly with you and build great products, not just write lines of code.

We are an established player in the Ukrainian startup & development community.

Care-free & transparent

We take care of all admin & bureaucracy for you, so you can focus on building great products.

We value full transparency in our service and costs.

We’re here to support you in the long run.

How we work

How we provide developers for you
01 Kickoff & Setup
During setup, we dive into your needs and requirements regarding the developers
02 Candidate screening
We use our existing relationships in Ukraine to screen the most suitable candidates based on your needs.
03 Midealab shortlisting
Hiring great people is about much more than someone’s technical skill set. This is why we interview & test for both technical and soft skills.
04 Client interviews
Once we have screened for both cultural and technical fit, we provide you the best candidates for interviews.
05 Client approval
Once a client has had the chance to meet and interview top prospects, decisions are made and the team is hired.
06 Team integration
We help integrate the dedicated team by setting up daily processes and managing organizational needs such as work culture.
07 Team running
We'll take care of your team on-site and provide any help you might need.
08 Long-term relationship
We're there for you long-term and ready to support your future.

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Niko Porkka

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Nadiya Lisovska

Managing Partner
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Juho Oranen

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Henry Nilert

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