Relocate to FINLAND

Why should you consider moving to Finland for work? Here we've listed a bunch interesting facts about Finland, related videos and links to interesting content.

The country up North, with a population of 5.5M is a model for a welfare state. Finland enjoys one of the world's most advanced and comprehensive welfare systems in the world, designed to guarantee dignity and decent living. Core to the system are social insurance (i.e. pensions, sickness & unemployment benefits, workers' compensation), welfare (i.e. family aid, child-care services, services for the disabled), and a comprehensive health-care system. With the world's best free education and universities, free health-care, freedom, equality and employee's rights, Finland is a great place to work and live. Finland is one of the safest nations in the world, has the purest drinking water and the cleanest air. The beautiful landscape with thousands of lakes, plenty of forest and four different seasons provide exceptional environment for any outdoor activities.


Finland is a clean, green and safe country, with a high quality of life and a socially progressive society. Helsinki has repeatedly been voted as one of the most liveable cities in the world. (World Economic Forum,World Happiness Report 2018)


Finland is dedicated to responding to the needs of families. Our education system is among the best in the world. Expat families rank Finland high in terms of quality of life, ease of settling in and personal finance. (The Family Life Index 2018)


In Finland, employees have the best chances in the world to improve their skills via employer-provided training. This leads to increased job satisfaction and contributes to self-development. (European Working Conditions Survey)


Finland benefits from the collective brainpower of the world’s most highly educated professionals. We have world-class professionals in mobile technologies, IoT, clean tech and health tech, backed with generous R&D funding. (Consumer Technology Association (CTA) 2018)

Interesting quick facts & info about Finland

Pros and Cons about living in Finland

Some of the positive stuff

  • Free healthcare
  • Free education, universities
  • Almost free day-care, child services for families
  • Infrastructure - everything works
  • Equality, paternity leaves
  • Many opportunities for career growth
  • Stable environment, general safety
  • Nature, lakes, forest, clean drinking water, clean air
  • Lots of possibilities for outdoor activities
  • Trustworthy culture, no corruption
  • Finns are quiet, they give you your own space

Some of the not so positive stuff

  • Climate - winters are dark and cold (summers are full of light)
  • Taxes (they pay for a lot of free stuff)
  • Cost of living is quite high
  • Finns are quiet (maybe too quiet)
  •  A bit further away from everything
  • Difficult language (everyone speaks English)
  • Bureaucracy in certain things

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