Why Midealab? 

Lots of successful companies rely on remote teams, but here are a few reasons our clients like us

1. Lots of talented developers available

There's a large pool of skilled developers on the market, that's most important. But it also means we can find exactly what you're looking for.

2. Developer salary level is very attractive

It's not the most important aspect, but let's be honest, the cost-level is interesting. With us you can actually save on costs, we have a see-through model on all the salaries and our fees.

3. We recruit based on technical and cultural fit

As we know from our on experience, technical skills aren't everything. That's why we really try to find people that match your company beyond their tech stack.

4. It's really your team that just sits remotely

Yes, it's not traditional in-house recruiting, but the physical location is the only thing that differs. Otherwise, it's fully your own team that you manage with your own tools and practices.

5. We take care of your developers

Keeping your employees happy is crucial for any company. That's why we put a lot of effort to keeping your developers happy at our office. You're welcome to visit our office anytime.

6. Our experience from building remote teams

Whether you have experience with remote teams or not, we support you. We really know what it needs to make remote teams successful and commit to making it work for you.

Best kept secret? We can agree with this Forbes article

Some of our clients

We've recruited 50+ developers for startups in the Nordics and Europe

More about how to make it work? We actually love this GitLab remote manifesto

Let's talk?

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Managing Partner
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