1. We recruit developers based on your requirements

  • We hire talented developers based on your needs, including experience, technologies and personality
  • Shortlisted team members are interviewed and approved by you
  • We guarantee a good fit, and will replace team members if needed

2. We host them at our office in Lviv, Ukraine

  • We host the developers at our office and take great care of them.
  • We help you with onboarding and closely monitor the team’s well being.
  • We handle all admin, payments and HR - so you can focus on building your product.

3. It's your team that just sits remotely

  • You work directly with the team, with your own tools and methods.
  • Want to move a team member to your home office? Go ahead – it’s your team!
  • Robust agreements secure your IP ownership and confidentiality.

4. Service designed for startups and growth companies

  • Highly skilled developers recruited from a deep talent pool in Ukraine.
  • Quick set-up, typically 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Flexible contracts with short notice period, attractive cost level and fully transparent pricing